Framing Nailer Guide: All You Need To Know About Framing Nailers

Hi there? Pawan this side. I am a full-time carpenter so I’ve some sort of experience in choosing the best framing nailers. However In this guide I will tell you everything that you need to know about framing nailers.

There are various brands who launches framing nailers every year. Every time they try to add new features into their products but after all it is just a framing nailer, what more they can add to it ?

Last night I was reading an article on ohsonline and there was something which shocked me. EVERY year 37,000 individuals in the US are treated for unintentional nail gun injuries in hospital emergency rooms. Framing nailer is something which should be treated very carefully else it can harm us very badly.

If you’re interested in buying a best framing nailer for your DIY works then I would recommend you to watch tons of “DIY with your framing nailer” videos on youtube first. For making your work easier, I am inserting one of the best youtube video which you can see for knowing how framing nailer works.

After watching this VIDEO you will thanks me a million times because this is all that you need to watch before buying a framing nailer.

There are different types of framing nailers. It depends upon you which you wanna buy. The very first one is “Framing Nailer” and the rest are Roofing Nailer, Flooring Nailer, Finish Nailer and Brad Nailer.

There are two types of nails in a framing nailer. The first is “Clipped Head Nails” & the second is “Round Head Nails”. I am attaching a diagram below for your better understanding.

Clipped Head Nails And Round Head Nails

The above diagram explains all about the Round Head Nails and Clipped Head Nails.

If you don’t know there are Framing Nailers with Degree Differences. Below are the degree differences numbers of which the nail guns are available.

  • 21 Degree Guns
  • 30 and 34 Degree Guns
  • 28 Degree Guns

Above are the Degree Differences of the framing nailers.

So! That’s all for today. Keep in touch with my blog for regular updates. A lot more is coming.